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Effortless Style, Founded in Nature, Enduring Impact

Who is Swahlee?

Swahlee creates timeless fashion through a capsule wardrobe of clothing essentials. Each piece is handmade using natural, sustainable fabrics in India.

After realizing the potential of business as a strong and effective force for social change, Swahlee was birthed in 2018. Swahlee creates safe, ethical jobs for young women who face barriers to employment. The name Swahlee is based on the local word for “girl.”

Peace Silk Pillowcase

This pillowcase is made with natural, undyed ahimsa mulberry silk. The meaning of ahimsa is "nonviolence." No silkworms were harmed in its production. The silk used in this pillowcase was made by a GOTS certified company. 100% organic mulberry silk natural, undyed ivory standard | queen size (30 in x 20 in) Benefits of silk: the strongest natural fiber breathable fabric natural temperature regulator smooth, gentle surface ideal for sensitive skin helps improve skin & hair hydration can result in smoother hair & skin Our Peace Silk Pillowcase comes packaged in a giftable, reusable handloom cotton pouch with a mother-of-pearl...
Effortless Style
Less is more when you have the right pieces. We craft timeless, versatile, and easy wardrobe essentials designed to simplify getting dressed.
Founded in Nature
Our sustainable capsule collection is made with all-natural artisan textiles and upcycled, repurposed fabrics. Our goal is to preserve traditional crafts and promote a circular textile economy.
Enduring Impact
We create career opportunities for women in northeast India who face barriers to safe, fair employment. We believe in the power of meaningful job creation to end poverty, impacting lives for generations to come.

Know who makes your clothes

When you purchase from Swahlee, every piece is skillfully and carefully made by hand by these ladies. We work in a safe, clean environment with fair wages and benefits.

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