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Meet The Rest Collection: Sustainable and Ethical Women’s Cotton Loungewear (Plus New Product Launch!)

Rest Collection Styled for a day out in Original and Coral Pink.

Loungewear. These days everyone has it, and those who don’t want it. 

But, from pants that are too tight in all the wrong places to shirts that lose their shape after a single wear, you’re finding that purchasing high-quality women’s cotton loungewear can be a difficult task. 

Or maybe you’ve heard the term but aren’t quite sure what loungewear is, let alone why you’d want any. 

No matter what your loungewear habits might be, this journal entry will help you learn all there is to know about women’s cotton loungewear and why you should consider adding some to your wardrobe. 

Table of Contents 

  • What is Loungewear? 

  • What Is The Difference Between Loungewear and Sleepwear?

  •  What Fabric Is The Best for Loungewear?

  • Reintroducing The Rest Collection — Swahlee's Cotton Loungewear for Women — Now In Coral Pink

  • It’s in The Details — The Rest Collection’s Best Features

  • Why You Should Shop for Sustainable and Ethical Loungewear

  • Timeless, Ethical, Sustainable — Find The Perfect Loungewear with Swahlee

    What is Loungewear? 

    Fashion is an ever-expanding, constantly shifting industry and, as life adapts and shifts, fashion follows suit. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, loungewear has merged with daily fashion to become a staple in many wardrobes. 

    As people found themselves stuck at home, the search for comfortable — yet fashionable — garments began. And as people have trickled back into offices, or expanded their home offices, the need for comfortable clothing that still meets professional guidelines has increased. 

    Loungewear, once relegated to non-waking hours and lazy Saturday mornings, has become a staple in every wardrobe. If you’ve ever owned a perfect pair of pants, you understand the draw — you know, the pair that feels like sweatpants but looks like professional wear? 

    Loungewear is clothing that is designed for comfort and ease of movement but maintains style and class. 

    What Is The Difference Between Loungewear and Sleepwear? 

    Loungewear is made to be worn throughout the day. It is comfortable and roomy enough to be worn for sleep but is polished enough to wear out. Sleepwear is created to be slept in. It has more of a “function over form” design and is rarely considered acceptable to wear out.

    Rest Collection Rest Shirt and Rest Pants in Original and Coral Pink, styled for a day out.

    What Fabric Is The Best for Loungewear? 

    Several materials are often used for loungewear — cotton, linen, polyester, wool, spandex — but the best material is something soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Cotton meets all of these criteria, making cotton the best fabric for loungewear. 

    At Swahlee, we specialize in cotton loungewear. Our entire Rest Collection is sewn from handloomed cotton. The fabric we use is soft, breathable, and wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable, no matter where your day takes you. 

    Reintroducing The Rest Collection — Swahlee's Cotton Loungewear for Women — Now In Coral Pink

    Swahlee is proud to introduce our newest Rest Collection colorway, Coral Pink. We have three pieces available in Coral Pink: 

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect set of non-traditional holiday pajamas or you want a new, bold fashion choice for your day-to-day, the Rest Collection’s new Coral Pink garments have you covered. As always, we incorporated flexible functionality in their design. 

    The Rest Shirt and Rest Pant in Coral Pink can be worn tucked in as a faux jumpsuit or left untucked for a relaxed, less fitted feel. Pair the top with your favorite pair of jeans for a classy yet fun daytime look. Pack the pants along to your next beach trip for the perfect pair of post-beach shopping pants. Bring the shorts along so you always have a cooler alternative, should you need it.

    It’s in The Details — The Rest Collection’s Best Features

    The entire Rest Collection is simultaneously designed for both comfort and style — at Swahlee, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise one for the other. 

    We also prize ethicality and sustainability, which is why all of our pieces are made from ethically sourced fabric by well-paid seamstresses who enjoy a safe and friendly work environment. Our Rest Collection’s 100% cotton fabric is sourced from Indian handloom artists. 

    For our Original colorway pieces, we partner with Khaloom in Bengaluru, India to source 100% handloomed cotton fabric made from 30% recycled yarn woven with sustainable, ethical, and traditional methods. 

    Our Coral Pink pieces use fabric from Joyya (formerly Freeset), another Indian company that is ethical, eco-friendly, and WFTO certified. 

    Here are some of each piece's best features. 

    Rest Shirt in Coral Pink

    The Rest Shirt

    With 100% hand-loomed cotton and classically stunning features, our Rest Shirt is women’s loungewear designed for premium comfort and ease of movement. 

    The Rest Shirt boasts:

    • The comfiest, softest handloomed cotton.

    • A reversible neckline featuring a rounded, gentle scoop neck on one side and a moderate v-neck on the other. 

    • An inverted pleat for added ease in the chest and shoulders. An added bonus: this pleat brings an air of professional class, especially when the shirt is pressed and worn tucked in. 

    • A curved, vented hem keeps you cool while adding extra polish to the piece. 

    Whether you opt for a more neutrally classic look with our Original print or go for the chic fun of our new Coral Pink colorway, the Rest Shirt is luxury loungewear at its finest, and most sustainable. 

    Rest Pants hemline styled for a day out in Original.

    The Rest Pants 

    The Swahlee Rest Pant is the perfect blend of cozy and airy. 

    Made from a weighty yet oh-so-breathable 100% cotton fabric, the Rest Pant offers all you could ever ask of luxury loungewear pants:

    • An elastic, drawstring waist for the perfect fit. 

    • Spacious, hidden pockets tucked perfectly into the side seam. 

    • Curved, vented hems for ease of movement and added polish. 

    Available in both our classically fun Original design and the brand new Coral Pink eye-catcher, the Rest Pant is the perfect blend of class and comfort. 

    Women's Cotton loungewear — Rest Shorts in Coral Pink

    The Rest Shorts

    If you’ve ever wished you could find a perfect pair of lounge shorts that don’t ride up or restrict your movement, your dreams have come true in the Swahlee Rest Shorts. 

    Along with the rest of the collection the Rest Short is made from soft, breathable 100% handloomed fabric and offers:

    • A high-rise relaxed fit. 

    • Overlapping, vented sides keep you cool and offer all the flexibility you need to lounge in comfort. 

    • An elastic waistband with a drawstring tie. 

    With the Rest Shorts you can lounge easily, knowing that you’re wearing natural fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable. You can purchase the Rest Shorts in Original or Coral Pink 

    The Rest Kaftan Dress

    With a relaxed silhouette that offers stylish ease of movement, the Rest Kaftan Dress is the perfect combination of classy and comfortable. In true Swahlee fashion, this piece can be worn multiple ways:

    • Wear without the tie belt for a spacious, relaxed feel. 

    • Wear with the tie belt to add gentle definition to your silhouette. 

    • Turn the rounded neckline to the front for a classic, simple look. 

    • Keep the v-neckline featuring an inverted pleat in front for a little more texture and intrigue. 

    There are many things to love about the Rest Kaftan Dress:

    • Soft, breathable handloom fabric

    • Hidden pockets 

    • Slits on both sides with rounded hemlines

    • A detachable tie belt

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect dress to wear at home over a three-day weekend or you need a simple and comfortable — yet elevated — outfit for your upcoming beach vacation, the Rest Kaftan Dress has all the features you need. 

    Coral Pink Sleep Mask

    The Rest Sleep Mask 

    From tucking in for the night to catching a few ZZ’s on your flight, the Rest Sleep Mask is your perfect slumber companion. Available in both Original and Coral Pink, this eye mask is sure to help you rest well. 

    Just like our other luxury loungewear pieces, the Rest Sleep Mask has several swoon-worthy details: 

    • Soft, breathable, 100% cotton fabric

    • 100% cotton filler

    • A covered, elastic strap 

    • Machine washable

    Peace Silk Pillowcase

    The Peace Silk Pillowcase

    Here at Swahlee, we are passionate about creating high-quality, sustainable, ethical goods. While silk has long been known as a less-than-ethical material — 3,000 silkworms die producing just one pound of silk — we partner with Cocccon, a GOTS certified company that creates silk ethically, without any harm to the silkworms.  

    The Swahlee Peace Silk Pillowcase is …

    • Made from 100% organic mulberry silk

    • Natural, undyed ivory color

    • Standard size (27 in x 20 in)

    Silk possesses incredible natural qualities. Silk is: 

    • The strongest natural fiber

    • Incredibly breathable

    • A natural temperature regulator

    • Smooth and gentle — ideal for sensitive skin

    • Able to help improve skin and hair hydration since it doesn’t absorb moisture like other fabrics

    • Known for promoting smoother hair & skin

    The Peace Silk Pillowcase comes packaged in a giftable, reusable handloom cotton pouch with a beautiful mother-of-pearl shell button closure.

    Why You Should Shop for Sustainable and Ethical Loungewear

    In an industry that so often values production quantity and profits over sustainability, finding ethical and sustainable luxury loungewear can be difficult. You might be wondering … is it even worth it? 

    Purchasing ethical, sustainable loungewear is vitally important. 

    The Massive Issue of Microplastics

    Microplastics are small pieces of plastic, 5 millimeters or smaller, that pollute our oceans and planet. They might be tiny, but they are a huge problem. From creating pollution for us to inhale to creating unlivable conditions for aquatic life, microplastics are increasingly concerning. 

    Polyester, one of the biggest fabrics in the fashion industry — and a common loungewear material — is one of the largest creators of microplastics

    By purchasing sustainable luxury loungewear made from handloomed cotton, you can help reduce the demand for polyester loungewear. Additionally, you are keeping yourself safe from the harmful effects of microplastics in your home. 

    Poverty Wages and Unsafe Working Conditions — Why Ethical Production Matters

    While loungewear is made for comfort and relaxation, those who make it often have neither. Today, millions of men, women, and children work in unsafe sweatshops and factories making all types of clothing, loungewear included. 

    In many, many cases, workers put in incredibly long days in poorly ventilated factories without heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. Some are not given time to eat or drink during their long shifts and many exprience verbal, sexual, and physical abuse in the workplace. Despite the long hours, few make enough to support themselves and their families. 

    At Swahlee, we do things differently. Our workshop is clean, ventilated, and safe. We honor people over production and no one in our workshop is ever mistreated. All of our employees are paid a living wage and given opportunities for advancement in their careers. 

    We hold reasonable working hours and employees are given time for a full lunch break. They are free to use the restroom or get a drink whenever they need it. We even break for tea together as a company every morning. Swahlee employees enjoy other benefits as well:

    • Paid holidays

    • Sick leave

    • Casual leave (PTO for vacations or personal use) 

    • Health insurance 

    When you purchase a Swahlee piece, you are making a lasting impact in the life of the woman who sewed your piece.

    Timeless, Ethical, Sustainable — Find The Perfect Loungewear with Swahlee

    With Swahlee, finding the perfect, versatile loungewear is easy. When you shop with us, you never have to wonder if it will last or if the woman who made it was paid fairly. Swahlee is all about quality and kindness — to both people and the planet. 

    Shop the Rest Collection and level up your luxury loungewear today. 







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